Tour Bus Parking Changes

Destination Salem has worked with the City Council and Salem Police Department to update the Tour Bus Parking Ordinance in Salem.

Click here for the 2016-17 Salem Motor Coach Guidelines and Parking Map.

To request print copies of the new Motor Coach & Bus Guidelines and Parking Map, please email Kate Fox at


Parking and drop zone changes are as follows:


Washington Square West (2) NEW! These were 2-hour spaces
New Liberty Street at the Visitor Center (1)
Derby Street at the Salem Maritime National Historic Site (2)



Washington Square South (3) NEW! An additional spot was added here.
Congress Street southbound (4) NEW! An additional spot was added here.
Holyoke Square behind the US Post Office (2) NEW! Two additional spots were added here.



Lynde Street (1)
Essex Street at the Ropes Mansion (1)



Fort Avenue
Salem Willows


Please note! Bus parking is no longer availalbe on the Hawthorne Triangle at Derby Street or on Derby Street (3 spaces) near Liberty Street (2 spaces).


Motor Coach / Bus Alternate Routes & Parking

The City of Salem Police Department strongly encourages you to use one the following alternate
routes to Salem in order to minimize travel time.


From Route 90/MassPike

Take I-90/Masspike East and take Exit 25 (South Boston) and follow signs to rejoin I-90 East to Logan Airport/1A. Follow Route 1A all the way into Salem.


From Connecticut, Rhode Island, and Southeastern Massachusetts

Take Route 93 North Exit 18 (Mass Avenue/Frontage Road) and go to the far right lane. At the
second traffic signal, take a right onto the South Boston Bypass Road and follow signs to
access the Ted Williams Tunnel and I-90 East/Logan Airport. From the Williams Tunnel, take Route 1A North. Follow Route 1A all the way into Salem.


From Boston and Surrounding Communities

Route A: Take Route 1 North or Route 95 North to Route 129 South. Follow Route 129 South to
Route 107 North, and follow into Salem.

Route B: Take Exit 44B to Lynn/129 East. Enter Goodwin Circle (Rotary) and take the Salem Street/Peabody exit. Salem Street turns into Lynnfield Street. Lynnfield Street turns into Washington Street. At the intersection with Main Street, take a right, and follow signs to Salem.

Route C: Take Route 128 North to Exit 28 (Centennial Drive). Follow Centennial Drive and take right on Summit Street. Follow and take left onto Lynnfield Street. Lynnfield Street will turn into Washington Street. At intersection with Main Street, take a right, and follow signs to Salem.

Route D: Take Route 128 North to Exit 26. Follow Lowell Street through Peabody Square. Lowell Street will turn into Main Street. Follow signs into Salem.


From Cape Ann, New Hampshire, Maine, and all points North

Route E: Take Route 128 South to Exit 24. Follow Endicott Street to intersection with Route 35 (Water Street). Take Route 35 South to Route 114 East. Follow Route 114 East into Salem.

Route F: Take Route 128 South to Exit 22. Take Route 62 East to Route 1A South. Cross bridge, and follow Route 1A South into Salem.

Route G: Take Route 128 South to Exit 20. Take Route 1A South, and follow into Salem.

Mass Highway will be posting electronic message boards on Rt. 128 (weekends only, and Halloween day) to direct participants to the alternate routes, and have also provided the participating communities with very visible alternate route signage (Green Salem Signs with a white background). Those signs will be posted by October 1.

Once you arrive in Salem, your drivers will find parking for 60 motorcoaches on Fort Avenue (see this downtown map for directions). Salem has designated motorcoach parking spaces throughout Salem. These are easily recognizable by the outlined green parking areas in the downtown area. If you will be in Salem for more than two hours, we require motorcoaches to park on Fort Avenue. Also in accordance with State and Federal laws, we want to remind you to please turn off your engines when the motorcoach is stationary. This simple gesture will help us preserve the quality of life in Salem’s historic neighborhoods.

Salem Police Officers will have copies of motorcoach maps and parking should your driver need assistance.

You will find more information on visiting Salem with a group at